Strategic Advice and Due Diligence

GBA is proud to provide strategic advice that is based on extensive personal knowledge and experience on a wide range of development-related matters.

A realistic appraisal of an idea, a concept, a specific development or a problem that needs to be solved, will be prepared based on the policy and regulatory landscape, the expected response from staff and politicians at the relevant government level, a scan of the financial realities, and achievable time expectations. If the project is unlikely to gain support, GBA will offer advice on an advice on an alternative and how best to position it for success.

This service is augmented by the planning, financial, and communications elements within the GBA Group to offer a prompt response to your needs.

Project Management

GBA will be the main point of contact for the developer/project owner, and can manage all aspects of the project from ideation to occupancy.

Project management services include the following:

  • Financial and legal contracts;
  • Government relations and approval processes;
  • Procurement, negotiations and contracting;
  • Design development;
  • Project scheduling;
  • Budget management;
  • Oversight of General Contractor/Design Build Team activities;
  • Stakeholder relations and strategic communications planning;
  • Commissioning oversight and transition planning through to the commencement of operations; and
  • Risk Analysis/Mitigation.

Planning Services

We offer a full range of planning services tailored to your needs whether in the private or public sector.

GBA’s planning expertise can be brought to bear on your projects from concept to final approvals. Further, GBA has extensive partnerships with experts in all the required disciplines of development, such as engineering, architecture, and urban design to ensure a sustainable and accessible development.

Although not exhaustive, GBA’s planning services include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Due diligence
  • Master Planning
  • Development Application Processing
    • Official Plan Amendments
    • Zoning Bylaw Amendments
    • Plan of Subdivision
    • Site Plans
    • Committee of Adjustment
  • Community Engagement

Financial Services

GBA will work with the developer/project owner to construct a business case for a given site, and help to identify the optimal development program and funding model.

GBA will manage consultants to determine market demand, development costs, and ultimately build the development Pro Forma to estimate project viability. This would include a full phasing plan, as well as development scenario and financial risk analysis.

We also will work with you to determine advantageous development partnerships in order to increase project feasibility.

Communications and Stakeholder Management

GBA creates comprehensive communication plans, which are based on clear objectives and internal and external stakeholder identification.

Based on our extensive experience engaging diverse communities and our knowledge of the Ottawa context, our draft public engagement program can include any of the following elements:

  • Public Consultation
  • Stakeholder Relations
  • Indigenous Peoples Engagement
  • Public Visioning Workshops
  • Public Information Centres/Open Houses
  • Media Coordination

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