Ottawa Convention Centre

Ottawa Convention Centre

Development and Project Manager          |          Ottawa, Ontario, Canada         |         2007 – 2011        |          $180M Budget          |          400,000 sq. ft

The Shaw Centre is an iconic convention centre that helped revitalize Ottawa’s downtown core when it opened in 2011. The design combines form and function, unprecedented efficiency, and architectural ingenuity.

The facade required the intricate installation of 1,084 unique glass panels to create a stunning crystalline orb. This world class, tier 2 convention facility is one of the highest revenue generators in North America.

GBA led the development and project management team through all phases of the redevelopment, including design, funding, business planning, architecture, engineering, and facilities management. It was one of the first infrastructure programs that involved three tiers of Government (Federal, Provincial, Municipal) and private capital investment, and it serves as a prime example on how public and private bodies can work together in Canadian infrastructure.

The Shaw Centre is the recipient of numerous design and function awards as one of the best convention centres in the world.