GBA Group


Canadian Firefighters Memorial

Project Management and Advisor

Ottawa, ON, Canada

2009 to 2012

$5M Budget

GBA led the development of one of Ottawa’s newest national monuments on behalf of the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation, dedicated to the memory and sacrifice of Canada’s firefighters who die in the line of duty. GBA led design procurement, design approvals, construction management of the Memorial, and close-out processes for the project.

GBA’s communications strategy supported the unveiling and dedication by Canada’s Governor General, and the transfer of the land and Memorial to the National Capital Commission to manage in perpetuity.

Ottawa Chambers

Project Development and Advisor

Ottawa, ON, Canada

$159M Budget

GBA was an integral part of the development team that worked with the National Capital Commission to rejuvenate the downtown core and upgrade their existing property holdings via a public-private solution that ultimately won awards for innovation and outcome. The site, adjacent to Parliament Hill, is bordered by three Heritage buildings which were commercially non-viable until their complete restoration and integration into the development program. GBA managed this complicated project from conception to completion.

The complex now provides for private and public commercial operations including the headquarters for the National Capital Commission and a public-private initiative that resulted in a creative development solution, one that was financially successful for both sectors. 

Ottawa International Airport Authority

Project Advisor

Ottawa, ON, Canada

1997 to 2002

Finance, Long Term Leasing

The Ottawa International Airport Authority was established in 1997 after the assembly of a community-based Board of Directors who were tasked with overseeing the management of the airport.

The development of the new terminal was done on time and within budget; the Authority, for the first time, oversees a positive financial venture.

One of the founding members in this unique effort to bring the private and public sectors together, GBA was involved in all aspects of the creation of the Ottawa Airport Authority.

Graham Bird, as co-chair, established the company and the Authority as a legitimate entity and negotiated long-term arrangements with the federal government.

Canada Postal Services

Development Manager and Advisor

Ottawa, ON, Canada

400,000 sq. ft

$159M Budget

GBA led the creation of a world-class facility for Canada Post. This flagship project resulted in the redevelopment of one of the major federal employment nodes of Ottawa — a development program of over 2.5 million sq. ft. As a key member of the development team, GBA developed a business case analysis which determined the course of action taken in this large-scale public-private redevelopment project.

The role included the complete master planning of Confederation Heights, where the headquarters is situated.

One of the largest land-use collaboratives in Ottawa was struck between the private sector and all levels of government. The technical, legal and financial agreements were complex and extensive, an integral part of GBA’s management responsibilities and expertise.

Bank of Canada Head Office Renewal

Development Advisor

Ottawa, ON, Canada

850,000 sq. ft

GBA was the development advisor to the Governor and Board of the Bank of Canada. In this capacity, GBA assisted in developing the implementation plan for the redevelopment and renewal of the Head Office of the Bank of Canada. This involved working with the project team to create the business plan and risk analysis for the project, as well as oversee the design, construction, and facility operations startup. GBA reported to the Board of Governors and its renewal sub-committee during the course of the project.

This project included the entire relocation of Bank of Canada staff to a temporary location while completing a renewal of the entire Bank of Canada facility. This included managing its heritage components in order to meet contemporary standards and building codes. The renewal project was a resounding success, completed on time and budget.

Ottawa Convention Centre

Development and Project Manager

Ottawa, ON, Canada

2007 to 2011

400,000 sq. ft

$180M Budget

The Shaw Centre is an iconic convention centre that helped revitalize Ottawa’s downtown core when it opened in 2011. The design combines form and function, unprecedented efficiency, and architectural ingenuity.

The facade required the intricate installation of 1,084 unique glass panels to create a stunning crystalline orb. This world class, tier 2 convention facility is one of the highest revenue generators in North America.

GBA led the development and project management team through all phases of the redevelopment, including design, funding, business planning, architecture, engineering, and facilities management. It was one of the first infrastructure programs that involved three tiers of Government (Federal, Provincial, Municipal) and private capital investment, and it serves as a prime example on how public and private bodies can work together in Canadian infrastructure.

The Shaw Centre is the recipient of numerous design and function awards as one of the best convention centres in the world.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Development Manager and Advisor

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

2012 to 2014

Budget $351M

GBA lead the project management of this historic project to develop the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This $351 million project resulted in a world-class 200,000 square-foot facility that functions as Canada’s newest national museum. The building also meets LEED Silver environmental qualifications.

As Project Manager of the national team, GBA’s role was to ensure operational readiness in 2014, which include construction of the building and its gallery exhibits, as well as the installation of its state-of-the-art IT system.

GBA was also tasked with preparing transition and operational planning for the museum.