GBA Group

Lebreton Flats Redevelopment

Development and Project Manager

Ottawa, ON, Canada

2013 to 2019

Budget: $3.5B – $4B

The redevelopment of Lebreton Flats will create a signature destination in the downtown core of Canada’s Capital. This will be one of the most significant city building exercises in Canada’s history, and is a long-awaited solution for such a historic piece of land.

GBA is the development and project manager for the redevelopment which features an iconic sport and music event centre and a new home for the Ottawa Senators.

Once completed, this $3.5-$4 billion mixed-use redevelopment will feature five distinct neighbourhoods, 11 public realm experiences and spectacular public spaces on an animated waterfront. The site is projected to host 16 million visitors annually. The redeveloped Lebreton Flats will exquisitely transform the Nation’s Capital.

Breakdown of the development program:

  • Residential: 4,374 units
  • Retail: 1.3 million sq. ft.
  • Office: 1.5 million sq. ft.
  • Sports and Entertainment Facility: 618,000 sq. ft.
  • Communities Facilities: 220,000 sq. ft.
  • Parks and Outdoor Event Space: Parks, Plazas
  • Infrastructure: Roads, Bridges, Canals