GBA Group

Tunney's Pasture Redevelopment

Development and Project Manager

Ottawa, ON, Canada

2017 to 2019

Size: 100 acres

GBA was retained by Public Services and Procurement Canada (“PSPC”) to act as the development and project manager for the Tunney’s Pasture Redevelopment. GBA led a group of 20 sub-consultants who evaluated the viability of the proposed Master Plan, and ultimately recommended the best phasing approach for the redevelopment over a 25 year period.

Tunney’s Pasture is a 100 acre mixed-use, transit-oriented design community at the new Light Rail station. Tunney’s Pasture has enormous potential to meet the Federal Government’s current and future office needs through its redevelopment to a highly sustainable, transit-oriented, urban mixed-use community. This will be a community that is aligned with and becomes part of a greater local community. GBA managed all aspects of the Master Plan review, including financial, urban planning, transportation, infrastructure, architectural design, and the management of federally classified buildings.